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SSAA Para ( SSAA SA Branch No.# S06) is a multi–discipline Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Club that is located in the north eastern suburbs of metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia.

About the club

The first shoot was conducted at Para on February 9, 1969. After 50 years, SSAA Para has grown into one of the largest shooting clubs in Adelaide and South Australia.  With over 720 members, SSAA Para offers a wide range of activities ranging from general practice to club, state, national and international competitions. The club has also be involved with community groups to encourage the safe handling and use of firearms. Some of the community activates include: Life Be In It campaigns, security and government training courses, scouts/cadet groups and Schutzenfest. 




  • Situated 35 minutes from the CBD in the north-east suburbs of Greenwith,  the Para shooting club is easy to get to, always active and very family-orientated. New members are always welcome to come out and either have a look, sight in a firearm or participate in one of the many matches that we have available. 


    Range Facilities Available:

    • A main range out to 300yds for rifles and pistols
    • A 100-meter rimfire range for rifles and pistols
    • A 50-meter pistol, rifle and running target range
    • Two 25m turning target pistol ranges
    • A 25m pistol range
    • An indoor ten-meter air pistol/rifle range
    • A field shotgun range
    • An IPSC/Single Action range
    • An air rifle field target range (Coming Soon)


    Opening Times

    SSAA Para is open 7 days a week between 10am and 4pm each day on weekdays and 10am to between 4pm and 6pm on weekend (subject to RO Supervision) 

    Please note: this excludes Christmas Day and the morning of ANZAC day when the range is closed. Members and visitors are advised to call the range on weekends to check availability for general shooting (08) 8289 6918.

    Please Refer to the COVID-19 Reopening Document regarding booking in range time to maintain social distancing. At present access is restricted to members, people with membership applications pending and security training. We hope to open up to visitors in the second phase of our reopening plan.

    What do we shoot:

    SSAA Para strives to be a club that can offer a large variety of shooting activities for its members and visitors. Below is a list of current shooting disciplines offered at Para.  However, if there is new match you are interested in doing and it is not listed, then please contact the club and we will see what needs to be done to accommodate it.

    Air Pistol, Air Rifle, Benchrest Rifle, Blackpowder/Muzzle Loading, Collectors Club, Combined Services Rifle and Pistol, Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette, Field Rifle, Handgun Metallic Silhouette, ISU (Olympic) Pistol, Lever Action Rifle, Practical Shooting (IPSC), Rimfire Rifle Metallic Silhouette, Scoped Positional Rifle, Field Shotgun, Single Action Shooting, Single Shot Rifle, Target Pistol, Gallery Rifle, Long Range Benchrest Silhouette and Air Rifle Field Target.





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    Reopening Stage 3 - 29th June 2020

    Posted 02 Jul 2020 · Para Secretary

    The club is pleased to announce that we will moving to stage three of reopening from the 29th of June 2020.   

    Club Re Opening Stage 2

    Posted 31 May 2020 · Para Secretary

    The club is pleased to announce that we will moving to stage two of reopening from the 1st of June 2020.   


    Posted 24 May 2020 · Para Secretary

    2 months membership has been extended to every member on the club register to cover the period of time the club was closed. So if you were due to expire in May 2020, it has now been extended to July 2020. New members who joined during the shutdown will start their 12 month membership period this month as we are now open. New membership cards (with the 2 month extension) have been sent out this week for members who renewed during the club shutdown. As the range is operating at a reduced capacity, please remember to book in with the canteen for general sighting in and with the section captain for programmed practice shoots. For further information, please refer to our COVID-19 reopening plan on our club website or contact the secretary.  

    Update on SSAA Para Memberships during the COVID-19 Range Closure (10/04/2020)

    Posted 10 Apr 2020 · Para Secretary

    To all Para Members and Perspective Para Members with in applications in progress,  


    SSAA Para has been recognised as one of the first 40 sporting clubs and the first shooting club in South Australia to complete the Office of Recreation and Sport's Star Club Program.  For more information please contact the club secretary or click here.

    The SSAA (Para Branch) Inc. Range is situated in the Greenwith area, approximately 25 kilometers north east of Adelaide Click Here for a MapRange Clubhouse: Contact Number 08 8289 6918