SSAA Para Policies

SSAA Para Constitution 

Current Constitution - 2019 Version

Proposed Constitution - 2020 Version 1.2

SSAA Para Policies

SSAA Para Range Use Policy - As each of the ranges are different, this policy describes the firearm and member requirements that need to be followed to ensure we continue to meet our SAPOL Range Certificate. 

SSAA Para Range Certificate - As of the 13th November 2019. Includes Air Rifle Field Target, Extended Range Rimfire Silhouette and Gallery Rifle. 

Membership Cards Policy  - in 2016, SSAA Para implemented new membership card system. The cards enable better communication between the club, volunteers and members on who has been trained to access the smaller ranges and equipment, when refresher courses are required and when membership is due.  This policy details how each section of the card works and how to add extra items onto the card.

Empty Chamber Indicators Policy - To improve safety, in 2009 the SSAA Para council implemented the use of Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI). This outlines the use of ECI in different types of firearms

Ammunition for Training Purposes Policy - Describes the acceptable procurement for ammunition when used in club firearms for training purposes.

Hot Weather Policy - Describes the when matches should either be modified or cancelled due to high temperatures. 

Member Protection Policy (MPP) - SSAA Para supports the Member Protection Policy of Shooting Australia. This Policy incorporates Policies for Child Protection, Anti-discrimination and Harassment, Conflict Resolution, Sexual Relationships, Pregnancy and Gender Identity.